Work permits for third-country nationals

Conditions for granting work permits to third-country nationals

Work permits are the same for all foreigners, whether they are nationals of the European Union and EFTA or third countries. But the granting of the latter to third-country nationals differs considerably.

How to obtain a work permit in Geneva?

The granting of a work permit to a citizen of a third country is effective from the moment there is a lack of labor in the member countries of the European Union or EFTA. This implies that the vacancy announcement is published at the Cantonal Employment Office within 21 days.

The request must be formulated by the employer, who will also establish a letter of motivation. This letter will describe its general situation and the reason for the use of foreign personnel. It must also provide evidence that shows the results of employee searches conducted within the EU. Thereafter, the application must be submitted to the Foreigners and Confederates Service, which will submit it to a decision-making commission whose verdict is expected within 2 to 3 weeks.

It is possible to contest the decision made within 30 days after obtaining the verdict.

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