Foreigner wishing to work in Switzerland

The rules to follow for a foreigner wishing to work in Switzerland

As in all EU countries, a foreigner wishing to work in Switzerland must follow rules and standards regulated by the State.

The main criteria for working in Switzerland

Foreigners who want to work in Switzerland must accept commitments. They are subject to procedures and regulations that they must follow to the letter. To be able to work freely in Switzerland, the future employee must provide several documents, including the work and/or residence permit.

Permits required for citizens of EU/EFTA member states and third countries

In order to be able to work in Switzerland, EU/EFTA citizens and citizens of third countries must have a work and residence permit. For people who want to live and work in Switzerland, they need a B permit for long-term work and an L permit for short-term work. For all other types of work and residence permits, workers from the EU must have permits G, Ci and C, while for workers from third countries, these permits (G, Ci and C) must be added to the N and F permits.

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