Conditions for granting work permits

Conditions for granting work permits to EU/EFTA nationals:

EU/EFTA nationals are free to work in Switzerland if they have the necessary permits. However, what are the requirements for accessing this license?

Conditions to access the work permit

There are two types of nationals: there are those who run their own companies and there are those who are simply employees.

Those who want to become self-employed are obliged to apply for a self-employment permit. They can only apply for this after the presentation of a proof which is the “Business plan”, allowing them to support themselves and acquire profits. The authorization lasts five years.

Ordinary employees have two options: to apply for a cross-border commuter permit or to apply for a residence permit. The procedures are generally the same except that for the cross-border commuter, he must justify the business address on Swiss territory.

What are the requirements of the business plan?

The independent activist shall state at least the following details:

  • name and contact information of the company, including its legal status and the project owner(s)
  • description of the future activity
  • number of potential or current clients
  • proposed hours of work per week
  • forecast of sales and, if applicable, the number of employees
  • amount of the planned investment

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