Acquisition Tax

Tax on acquisitions

In Switzerland, in accordance with the law on value added tax – VAT, certain foreign service providers are subject to acquisition tax. However, it should be noted, that the services subject to the principle of the place of destination are the only ones concerned, to mention only the services of advertising, consultants, asset managers, trustees, lawyers, management, data processing, leasing of personnel, the transfer and granting of intangible rights …

In the case of exemptions or benefits that do not fall within these areas, the acquisition tax does not come into effect.

In addition, recipients taxable under VAT rules are obliged to declare and submit the supplies of goods to acquisition tax.

Also, a recipient who is not on the list of persons or companies subject to VAT is nevertheless required to pay his share of the tax if, on the one hand, his annual turnover in Switzerland exceeds CHF 10,000 and, on the other hand, if a letter from the tax authorities has been sent to him informing him that he is from now on one of the persons liable to pay tax on acquisitions, according to the federal law.

The same rate is prescribed for VAT and the said tax.

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