Buying commercial space

What about buying commercial premises in Geneva ?

It should be noted that the presence of a notary is essential at the time of a real estate sale.

Whether it is a foreign individual or a foreign company, it will be free to use the premises for commercial purposes, for industrial purposes or as a service provider.

For more information, go to

Department of Security and Economy

Rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville 11 – Case postale 3984 – 1211 Genève 3 – Tél. 022 546 88 50 –

How does the purchase of land for commercial premises in Geneva work?

The various formalities related to the form of the deed of sale and the conditions of acquisition reserved for foreigners are also valid for the purchase of a plot of land or to constitute a right to build. Foreigners are also required to apply for a valid building permit. If they are unable to do so, or if they are uncertain, they are obliged to file a request for non-indebtedness with the Department of Security and Economy or DSE. This request for non-indebtedness to the administration of the authorization is established by the Federal Law on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Persons Abroad or LFAIE.

Get a construction project

According to the law, to complete a construction project is to use architects. The project in question thus takes into account the Law on Constructions and Miscellaneous Installations (LCI). Indeed, the contribution of an architect in the elaboration of the project favors the limitation of possible risks during the construction phase.

The works benefiting from authorization, the necessary documents must be presented and signed. The holding of the work must be provided by a professional who must be present on :

Department of Planning, Housing and Energy (DALE), Directorate of Building Permits

Rue David-Dufour 5 – Case postale 22 – 1211 Geneva 8 – Tel. 022 546 64 60

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