Acceptance of EU-2 citizens

The necessary conditions for the acceptance of EU-2 citizens

In Switzerland, limitations on residence permits are possible and the safeguard clause can be activated until 2019. Indeed, Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are subject to special conditions which are the following:

The employer’s devotion to recruitment

The employer is obliged to look for and recruit a person with the required profile through the publication of advertisements, consultation of employment agencies… The employer must prove that he has done his research properly. Employers should not be satisfied with simply interviewing their future employees. The employer must initiate a search, even an inspection, of ideal and qualified candidates.

The responsibilities of the authority

The qualified authority thoroughly inspects the working conditions and verifies the individual’s salary. To avoid problems, the employment contract must be in writing and signed at least by the employer. The characteristics of the worker must be known and no detail can be overlooked, and this through his CV.

The conditions imposed on the frontier worker

Border zones are maintained. The cross-border commuter is no longer obliged to return home daily, but at least once a week if proof of residence in the border area is provided.

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