JEDI status in Switzerland

JEDI status for young innovative companies

The JEDI status is granted to young innovative companies. Indeed, innovation is currently at the heart of the State Council’s priorities, especially in terms of new business development.

Simplification of paperwork

The JEDI status aims to simplify the administrative procedures for these companies in order to encourage their development. It seems that young and innovative companies will benefit from the facilitation of tax breaks. This basically means that new companies will no longer have to provide highly complex records when they wish to apply for tax-exempt status. To do so, they will simply have to fill out a form in the form of a questionnaire. The latter aims to put the finger on what makes the company innovative. It is important to note that this status does not entail any training rights.

Criteria to be respected

To enjoy the JEDI status, the startup that wishes to do so must meet a few criteria. To begin with, it must be a young, innovative company, presented as a legal entity. Then, the following criteria are cumulative:

  • Work on innovative projects in the services and goods sector,
  • have an office or its headquarters in the Canton,
  • carry out a large part of the activity in question in the canton,
  • Not have been created as a result of a company merger, transformation, transfer of assets, assignment, demerger, extension of activity or takeover,
  • Not be listed on the stock exchange, or under special conditions. In the case of a listing on specialized stock exchanges for PME, to meet the criteria, the company must spend at least 35% of its expenseson research activities. Half of the amount must be spent on Swiss territory.

Only if all of these requirements are met can a company obtain JEDI status. She can then forward her file to the cantonal tax authorities. The latter will process the application for tax exemption.

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