Company domiciliation in Switzerland

Domiciling your company in Switzerland

Why register your head office with a domiciliary?

If you want to set up a business in Switzerland without the need for premises, then business domiciliation is of interest to you. This service offered by AX Fiduciaire allows you to have an address in Switzerland to register your company. As a domiciliary, AX Fiduciaire also offers a range of à la carte services to facilitate the management of your company.

Why choose a corporate domiciliation with AX Fiduciaire?

Domiciliation is a simple way to establish the head office of your company or a subsidiary in Switzerland. Finding a business premises in Switzerland and more specifically in Geneva can be particularly difficult as the demand for business premises exceeds the available supply. For a company in creation or just created, it is practically impossible to obtain a rental as the guarantees requested are important. The domiciliation of your company in the premises of AX Fiduciaire frees you completely from this problem. Your company benefits from an address easily even in the case of a creation.

The business domiciliation is mainly addressed to:

  • To companies in the process of being formed who need an address in Switzerland to be registered
  • To newly created companies whose lack of reference prevents access to the rental of premises
  • To holding companies, financial companies with no interest in owning physical premises
  • Companies wishing to register their head office at an address independent of their operating site.

In each of these cases, AX Fiduciaire can help you by providing you with an address where to domicile your activity. We offer a direct debit service from CHF 99.- per month.

What is a business domiciliation contract in Switzerland?

If business domiciliation is not regulated in Switzerland, a written contract should be put in place between the domiciliation or domiciliation company and your company. This contract defines the duration of the domiciliation, the price as well as the associated services. The purpose of the contract is to define your rights and obligations as well as those of the company which will domicile your business. This written document defines the basis of the agreement and guarantees you a service that complies with the service offered and according to the terms defined.

Additional services of the domiciliary

The domiciliary can offer you many additional services such as access to a meeting room, forwarding of your mail or a telephone reception service. AX Fiduciaire studies your needs and offers you adapted and flexible solutions for domiciling your head office in Switzerland.

Our offer for the domiciliation of your company in Switzerland


From 99.- Monthly
  • Representative address in our offices located in Geneva or Lausanne
  • Transfer (physical or electronic) of incoming mail

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