The rental guarantee

What about the rent guarantee for commercial premises in Geneva ?

The rent guarantee is as important as the other services in real estate. Contrary to real estate activities, the law does not stipulate a maximum amount for the rent guarantee for commercial premises. A security deposit of six months rent may be required at the time of signing the lease.

It should be noted that the lessor of commercial premises has the right to retain the furniture in the rented premises. This is possible if there is a delay in the payment of rent and other incidental expenses.

Other guarantee variants also exist and are applicable depending on the circumstances. For example, it is possible to set a deposit for the amount set in case of need. With this type of guarantee, one has the advantage of mobilizing other means by immobilizing the funds during the duration of the lease. In return for the guarantee, the tenant will have to pay a premium to the provider. It should be noted that this bonus will be paid annually.

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