Authorization to build

Issuing a construction permit

it is necessary to know the steps to obtain a building permit before embarking on a construction project.

First of all, it is important to know that it is the Department of Planning, Housing and Energy that issues the building permit.

This building permit concerns a multitude of construction cases. This authorization can be the object of an authorization for reconstructions, demolitions, transformations…

For more information, some websites provide information on the steps to follow to obtain this authorization.

Department of Planning, Housing and Energy (DALE), Directorate of Building Permits

Rue David-Dufour 5 – Case postale 22 – 1211 Geneva 8 – Tel. 022 546 64 60

Concerning the work premises, several elements must be met and must be approved by the Cantonal Office of Inspection and Labor Relations (OCIRT). For more information, here are the coordinates:

Cantonal Office of Inspection and Labour Relations (OCIRT), Corporate Environmental Protection

Rue David-Dufour 1-5 – Case postale 64 – 1211 Genève 8 – Tél. 022 388 29 29 –

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