Business advice, personalized follow-up by an expert

Manage your activity with comprehensive information

Accounting management is an essential task for any company and offered by AX Fiduciaire. But for better management of your business, we offer you a personalized business advisory service. A financial expert provides you with all the information available to help you achieve your goals.

What is a works council for?

The employer is obliged to look for and recruit a person with the required profile through the publication of advertisements, consultation of employment agencies… The employer must prove that he has done his research properly. Employers should not be satisfied with simply interviewing their future employees. The employer must initiate a search, even an inspection, of ideal and qualified candidates.

What is the role of our trustee?

The sole purpose of the AX Fiduciary expert is to provide you with all the information at his disposal to help you make the best choices. Whatever your objective, a new business strategy such as the release of a new product or the development of a new branch, we support you every step of the way from reflection to realization. We carry out the budget study, the financial analysis, and set up your chart of accounts. We help you choose the right legal structure according to your needs or for the purpose of tax optimization. A true partner in your success, AX Fiduciaire provides you with a multidisciplinary team combining skills and professionalism. Our team supports you in your process by providing you with all the advice you need.

Business creation, set up your activity in Switzerland

Business advice is also aimed at companies in the creation phase. To seek capital or choose the appropriate legal structure, we support you from the start of your activity and set up monitoring tools to help you in your day-to-day management.

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